About us

The first steps I did for a free blog platform (learned what was happening, what the page is on the Internet, has found out what is hosting, domain and other alien to me at the time, the concept), but realized that this is the way to nowhere, because free cheese only in a mousetrap, and thought about the more serious lesson. For the 3 months of summer 2010, I learned the basics of HTML and CSS. The time has come for PHP. This is a more complex language and think that it will take more time.

So, what is a blog? Proceeding from the name, You probably already knew that he will be mainly devoted to the issues of web-mastering, and more particularly on the creation of sites and blogs, the promotion of Internet resources, over time, will be considered the issues of earning sites (blogs), and also about all of that will be interesting to the webmaster.

I want to note that this Blog is a free webmaster, and the name allows you to make steps away from the main theme . I remain free from prejudices and nawiazywanie side, adhere personal opinion, but do not forget to listen to others. That's why my motto: Freedom of thought in action!

I hope that the blog will help me to find interesting friends, in a plan to fulfill themselves, to find yourself and maybe will become a platform for earnings. I recommend everyone to subscribe to blog updates in any convenient way.

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